Masonry and Stonework

Beautiful masonry and stonework can add curb appeal to your property and turn your outdoor living space into an oasis for relaxation or get togethers with loved ones. From patios and decks to full stone walls, Rohr Construction can help you enhance your property with masonry and stonework.


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  • Patios & decks

  • Foundation repairs

  • Driveways

  • Staircases and walkways

  • Chimneys

  • Stone walls

Patios & decks
Patios and decks make for added living space and a lovely addition to your landscaping. A well-executed patio adds depth and beauty to your home and invites you and your guests to enjoy some relaxation outdoors.

Your outdoor space has a variety of options for how you complete the masonry or stonework project. From pavers to stone, allow Rohr Construction to guide you in your project of beautifying your outdoor space. We can advise on the best design to fit the style and design of your home and décor so that your patio or deck is truly an extension of your home.

Foundation repairs
Old homes with a rich history offer a stunning place to live and have unique and beautiful features. One of those features that you often see in older homes is stonework. As the home ages, the stonework and foundation can begin to decay and need attention from experienced professionals.

Rohr Construction has experience working with a variety of older homes in the area to help repair and restore foundations. Our experience allows us to provide the best repairs to focus on both the visual appeal and practical function of your foundation.

The repairs will match the style of the original work while sealing off the foundation from air leaks that make older homes drafty, uncomfortable, and expensive to heat and cool. We can also repair your foundation if you’re experiencing water leaks. Our team can create a drainage plan to move the water away from your home and repair your foundation so that it looks timeless once again.

Driveways are the pathways to your home. Your driveway should add curb appeal and make your guests feel welcomed. The driveway leading up to your home should match the style and feel of your overall décor and finishing.

A custom masonry driveway isn’t your standard asphalt or concrete pad. Stone, paver, stamped, or Belgium block curves can add a little something to the front of your home.

Rohr Construction offers masonry and stonework services to transform the look and appeal of your driveway with stunning designs. The front of your home will make your neighbors jealous and be the talk of your next barbeque party. Allow us to help you make your driveway the centerpiece of your outdoor scenery.

Staircases and walkways
You can make a great first impression with staircases and walkways on your property. Increase your home’s curb appeal and value with stonework or masonry hardscaping. If your current stonework is crumbling or wobbling, it’s time to make an update. Rohr Construction can update your current design or work with you to create a staircase or walkway to match your hopes and dreams for your home.

If you’re unsure of what you’d like for your home, we can create a design that will match your home’s style. Our team has experience in creating custom project plans to match your goals so that your stonework is a true masterpiece and adds to the beauty of your home.

Your chimney is not only a visual interest for your home design but is also a functional piece of your home. The masonry of your chimney moves water away to run off your roof and prevent animals from getting down into your fireplace. Chimneys in disrepair leave you open to serious damage later on.

Whether you’re updating the masonry of your current chimney or adding one to your home, Rohr Construction can ensure that it is both functional and adding visual appeal to your home. We know how to add chimneys that work with the roof lines of a home to add texture and interest to the look of your home.

If crumbling or falling brick have you hating your chimney, we’ll make you fall in love with it once again with a full-face lift and functional assessment. Choose Rohr Construction for your chimney masonry needs.

Stone walls
Add a stone wall to your outdoor space or inside to add texture and beauty. A stone wall can add a rustic homey feel. Classy stonework is the perfect accent wall for your home or business.

Outside, a stone wall can add to your patio or walkways by tying together your designs and carrying them throughout your outdoor space. We can work with your landscaping vision or help you design one to add beautiful masonry to your home both inside and out.

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