Real Estate Services

Renting out your property can bring in a nice income, but that doesn’t always mean you’re interested in being a landlord right now. Instead of serving as your own property management team, you can bring in Rohr Construction to help.


We manage all aspects of rental properties, from damage repairs to improvements that earn you more income month-to-month.

  • Tenant damage repairs

  • Move in / move out repairs

  • Improvements to increase value

  • Listing and finding tenants

Tenant damage repairs
Be responsive to the needs of your tenants with a property management team. From clogged sinks to damaged walls, the Rohr Construction team can keep your property in good shape and your tenants happy with the home they’ve chosen.

Unresponsive property management teams can mean more turnover in tenants. On average, property owners lose $40 per day that a rental property sits vacant. The best way to avoid that is to keep tenants happy so that they renew their lease each year.

Move in / move out repairs
Before you welcome a new tenant, you want to put your best foot forward in beautifying the property. It’s much easier to make improvements and repairs when you don’t have to coordinate with the tenant on a convenient time for you to access the property.

A property management team benefits you during move in and move out repairs because you don’t have to try and call and coordinate with different contractors. One phone call does it all for getting your property in great shape to prepare the home for new tenants.

Improvements to increase value
Looking to finish a basement to provide more living space for your tenants? Think adding an extra bedroom could increase your monthly income and the overall property value? Getting feedback that your property is tough to rent out because you don’t have a nice outdoor space?

Rohr Construction can help you beautify and prep your rental property for increased value with improvements. These improvements can be very small or larger.

Property management
You never want to be without a tenant in your rental property. Each day your home sits vacant, you lose money. A property management team can help you maintain your property and highlight the right features to get you new tenants to fill the space.

Rohr Construction has experience providing start to finish property management so that you have happy tenants and maximized income.

We provide property management in Orange, Bergen and Rockland County. Learn more about our services by contacting us.