Ponds and wetlands can help with proper drainage on your property and added interest to your landscaping. The construction and ongoing maintenance of wetlands though takes an expert who knows the rules surrounding bodies of water and how to work with governing bodies to secure proper permits and information.


Here’s a look at some of the major aspects of ponds and wetlands that Rohr Construction can help with.

  • Seawalls

  • Repairs

  • Dredging

  • Pond & lake digging

  • Wells & springs

A seawall serves two purposes. It protects your property from water and makes for a calming and serene outdoor area. When building a seawall, you need to know that it will withstand the test of time and a good beating from mother nature. But because it’s on your property, you also want it to look nice and add something to your home’s outdoor décor.

At Rohr Construction, we know the importance of not only getting the job done right structurally, but ensuring it’s pleasing and functional for the home owner. Our team follows and stays current with regulations around seawalls so we can do what needs to be done.

Leaking wetlands of any sort can cause serious problems for your property. The sooner you repair them the less erosion and damage you’ll experience overall and the decreased risk of property damage.

You want an experienced professional to provide the maintenance on your pond to prevent future damage as well. Rohr Construction is experienced in repairing and maintaining ponds and wetlands to provide you with the beautiful aesthetic you’re looking for.

Ponds and wetlands take maintenance. Sediment buildup can make it so that your pond can no longer retain water, which means you lose your body of water that adds to the beauty of your property. Regular upkeep can ensure your pond or wetland stays stunning.

You can dredge the sediment from your pond to bring it back to good health and function. With dredging, you can remove deep-rooted plants or debris, increase depth and water volume, increase flow in channels and more.

Rohr Construction can help you restore your pond or wetland to its original beauty or even help you design enhancements or alterations to it. Our extensive experience will help you get what you hope to out of your pond or wetland.

Pond & lake digging
The addition of a pond or lake on your property can help you move water away from your home or business and provide a stunning oasis. Digging a pond or lake is not quite as simple as filling a hole with water though. Where you place the pond or lake matters and so does how you prepare the land after you’ve dug the hole.

You also need a permit to dig a pond or lake, which Rohr Construction can handle for you. We’ll take care of evaluating the site, designing the layout, installing a pond liner, stocking the lake or pond with fish and installing an aeration system.

Wells & springs
Installing wells and springs takes special know-how and an understanding of the local geology. Seek out a certified well driller or pump installer to oversee your project. At Rohr Construction, we’re certified for well and spring installation.

We’ve helped many property owners prepare their land for digging a well. Our team can oversee your project from start to finish.

Rohr Construction serves Orange, Bergen and Rockland County. We’re pleased to lend our services to you.